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HERS score explained

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HERS score explained


What is a HERS score?  Visit any new home and you are likely to see something showing what the model home's HERS score is.  Most builders are very proud of them, the lower the betteHERSr.   But what is it?  It is the difference in energy savings from the Typical New Home built to code.  The typical home has a score of 100.  Each percentage of energy savings a home can save will lower the HERS score by 1%.  So a home with a HERS score of 70 would have an energy savings of 30%.  To get this score, a home has to be tested with a blower test to see how it rates.  Many builders today are building homes with HERS scores lower than 70.  An older could have a HERS score over 100.  You can think of a HERS score as the Miles Per Gallon rating for home energy use. 

A builder can increase the HERS score in a Variety of ways:

!.  Insulation

2. Energy Efficient Window

3. Energy Star Appliances

4. High Efficiency Furnaces and AC units with a greater SEER rating.

5.  Even the way a home is framed can increase a homes HERS rating. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a new home, you should work with an agent who understand  energy savings to help you navigate all the terms and features of a energy smart home.  Search for new homes in the Denver Metro Area at DenverAreaHomes.com

If you are thinking of a new home in the Denver Metro Area I can help.  I have a passion for energy savings!

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For more information visit ENERGYSTAR.gov