Cooking up a Simple Recipe for Decluttering the Kitchen

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Cooking up a Simple Recipe for Decluttering the Kitchen

kitchen clutterCan you believe that we are ½ way through with the house if you have the usual 4/2 home? Has it been terribly hard to take one room at a time and declutter?  Do you feel Spring Cleaning fever coming?  Time to start the kitchen.  I personally feel this room is the hardest, harder than a closet!  This room is not for the faint hearted and unfortunately where the other rooms may have been finished in a day, I think you will have to give this one at least a weekend if not a little more.  Take heart though, it will be fabulous when you finish.

Step in there, you can do it!

Step up to the sink and wash all those dishes lying around and put them up!  How will you know what you need or don’t need if there are things in the sink or the dishwasher?  Now put them up in the cabinets where they belong.  Make a promise to yourself and your future decluttered kitchen that you will keep up with the dishes.

You are ready to start with declutter!

Next you will have to assign spaces for everything, cups, glasses, plates etc.  If you have more cups, glasses, plates etc. then fit in the designated area, then you don’t need them.  Remember those three boxes?  Time to pull them out and trash, give away or move to another area the items you are pulling out of the cabinets.

Go through each cabinet and make the hard decision of how many of each item, such as pots and pans, skillets & bowls etc. do you really need.  Second make a pack with yourself that when you get something new you will (i.e. skillet) you will use it as a replacement not an addition.  Take the worst (i.e. skillet) and trash it.  This way you will not be building the clutter back.

Now it’s time to start the drawers.  Using the same strategy of allotting a space for each type of item, pull everything out, put back only what you need and distribute the rest to the three boxes.

Pantry Time!  Go through you pantry and spice cabinet/drawer.  Get rid of anything out of date or that has been left open too long.

Dishes neatly stacked in wood cabinets.
Dishes neatly stacked in wood cabinets.

Maybe buying containers for things that you open but don’t use all at once such as flour, sugar.  The containers will keep the pantry neater and cleaner and keep the bugs away.

Hmm, I think I forgot to mention that as you pull things out of cabinet, drawer or pantry, give it a quick vacuum and wipe down before you put things back.

Last but not least look at your counter tops.  Do you really need the things that are sitting on it or could they be put somewhere else.  It just looks so much cleaner and nice to not have clutter on the counter tops.

Here’s a blog link that we loved for ideas on decluttering your kitchen.

Wow, that was some work, but you did a great job, reward yourself with a little something and sit down at that decluttered breakfast table and enjoy

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