Raleigh Kitchen Design: Three Renovation Trends That You Need to know

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Raleigh kitchen designRenovating your kitchen is an excellent way to improve its look, increase the value of your home and appeal to a more diverse range of home buyers if you decide to sell. However, if you live in the Raleigh area, a kitchen remodel can easily cost $10,000 to $20,000 or more, which is why you want to make choices that you can live with. Learning more about some of hottest trends can help you decide what you want and don't want in your kitchen.

You May Want to Consider Traditional

Trends come and go, but the classics remain constant. One of the hottest renovation trends is a more traditional look. Raleigh area homeowners today are most certainly attracted to trendy colors and clean designs.  Paint colors are easy to change at any time but If you are remodeling, want to consider a more traditional look for the cabinets and countertops that will retain that traditional look for years to come.

Going Green

It's hard to go anywhere today without seeing or hearing about green decorating trends, and those trends carry over into kitchens. Homeowners want products made from recycled materials and the chance to "go green" at home.

Designers also found that homeowners want counters and floors made from recycled or sustainable materials. Bamboo is a sustainable construction material that works well in flooring applications. Homeowners can also find counters made from glass bottles and other recycled goods.

Homeowners Want More Space

Ask anyone want they need in their homes, and the odds are good that many will say they need more space. Recessed lighting visually adds more space and reduces the number of fixtures and cords hanging down from the ceiling. Other ways to add more space include adding an island with storage to the center of the room and cutting down on the number of cabinets lining the walls.  Most people add snack bar style seating to their islands and use that area for eating in the kitchen and entertaining.  In fact a lot of families use that area more than the breakfast nook area.

There are a number of trendy ways that you can renovate and change your kitchen. Going green, adding more space and bringing in traditional elements are just a few of those ways. Speak with the real estate brokers at the Capital City Real Estate Group about other changes you can make that will add value to your kitchen.

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