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Rent Payments Can Really Add Up!
No matter how much you pay in rent, you might be surprised what it adds up to over the years. Investing your money is a wiser financial choice. With the current home prices and mortgage rates, this is an excellent time to look into buying your own home in Pinole , California.

Common Concerns of Renters and Homeowners - Advantages and Considerations


Property builds equity
Responsible for maintenance
Tax deductible mortgage interest*
Responsible for property taxes
Free to change decor and landscaping
Responsible for hazard insurance
Not dependent on landlord to maintain property


Landlord is responsiblefor maintenance
No equity gains
Landlord is responsible forproperty taxes
Rent payments are not tax deductible
Possibility of eviction
No control over rent increases

*Consult your tax advisor on the potential tax benefits of homeownership.

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