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small-brett-picA while back I posted problem / solution point about how you should make your mortgage company has more than one underwriting option.

Here was the original post: http://berkshirelending.com/2015/12/02/make-sure-your-mortgage-company-has-this/

At that time I had a borrower contact me that had seen the post, and was having trouble with his then current mortgage company.

I ended up helping this borrower out, and after his loan closed he sent me a very nice note.

I don’t toot my own horn very much, but I did want to share his note with you, because I think it serves a good lesson: If you are having trouble with your current mortgage company – call Brett!

Here is his message…

    “But actually the THANKS go to you and your staff.

    You were able to get my ReFi done while others could not (even with some additional complications).

    I went through several others, including an associate of mine. All could not get my refi completed.

    I am very glad I clicked on your marketing email that advised – If you are having problems, then your broker is not working hard enough.

    That was exactly the case.

    Thank You very much!!!”


Have a good day today! …and thanks for reading.


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Congratulations Brett Sampson .   I keep telling everyone, the right lender, like you and I, can make all the difference.   Good Job.   Toot toot !   

Feb 27, 2016 03:17 PM