March's Intuition-Driven Week-by-Week Guideline

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Your Week-by-Week Guideline for March 2016


Piggybacking on February’s Week-by-Week plan, here’s a practical layout of what you should be focusing on as we head into March.


Remember to use your intuition.

Mix and match the order of the weeks, including the tasks and their durations, based on your own priorities and personal aspirations. If you need additional guidance or suggestions, just let us know. We're here for you virtually around the clock.

Week 1:

(1 hour). Start the month off strong by jumping on a
free webinar for a quick refersher course on a variety of essential marketing areas. If this week’s MLS Searches and/or Advanced Website Editing don’t sound up your alley, try next week’s CRM and/or Seller’s Corner & Client Tracking. You can't go wrong either way.

Week 2:

(10-15 minutes a day). Experiment with, and ultimately master, the art of ‘selfies’, hastags, status updates and more. Earn more likes and followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites by implementing some of the
best social media practices.


Week 3:

(20 minutes this week). Call or text 2 loyal clients and/or promising prospects, and spark a friendly conversation. Sometimes a simple: “Hi, how are you?”  goes a long way. Ask how they've been (plans to travel, retirement, kids off to college, etc.) The more you know about people, the better equipped you are to meet their needs. At some point, remind them that you have answers to ALL of their real estate needs (home values, home care, home improvement, sales, relevant community events, etc.).  *Need a phone script example for inspiration? Check one out here!*

Also, remember that
face-to-face encounters matter just as much as the technology you use.


Week 4:

(10-15 minutes a day) Focus on 2 infamously overlooked facets of your marketing: properly scheduling and formatting mass emails, and polishing your website. Need technical help with website and/or CRM maintenance? Contact our Support Team.


Week 5:

(10-15 minutes a day) You aren’t just a sales person. You are all things real estate. Your emails, your postcards, your website, and your conversations should convey this to all of your prospects. Think about providing relevant regional information (i.e.- weather conditions, neighborhood/town events, important town hall meetings, holiday-oriented information, etc.)

Better yet - create a short YouTube video re-introducing yourself to your past, current, and prospective clients (this does not have to be extensive or high-tech – film it at home or in your office). Just be genuine and honest. We're more than happy to write scripts for you, as well (at this time we are only accepting and processing requests for paying PropertyMinder customers).


Let's March on strong,

PropertyMinder Marketing

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