Thida AR, population 81. I visited for the first time.

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I went to Thida Arkansas for the very first time yesterday.  A native of Thida, Debra Wilson, showed me all around.  She grew up there, walked the streets there, and met her husband there.  It is a lovely little town.  Here are three pictures of the town.

Thida AR old store building

This is an old store, no longer in use but notice the writing.   Looks as if it says, Attn, Deb! 

Thida AR post office

Here's the post office, a lovely little brick building that is probably open a few hours a day.

Thida AR General Store

And here is the Thida AR general store which IS open.  It is rustic in appearance on the outside and the inside has a few tables where the proprietor prepares sandwiches for her customers.  She gave me this information about the small town with the unusual name.

"When settlers first moved into this area they had given some consideration to the name Liberty Hill.  Mr. J. W. Caldwell an established member of the community, strayed out of the community and crossed the White River by way of the ferry boat near Oil Trough.  He went to the town of Newark and met a lady who lived there by the name of Thida.  The minute he saw this lady he fell madly in love with her.  He thought Thida was one of the prettiest names he had ever heard.  When Mr. Caldwell returned home a meeeting of the citizens was in progress.  They were in a state of confusion trying to decide on a name for their community.  Mr. Caldwell suggested the community be named Thida in honor of the lovely lady he had met."


Wouldn't it be nice to find some old pictures of the town and the lady??



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Don Thompson
Donthomp Associates - Sunnyvale, CA

Great post!

Love the town story.  I had to Google map it.

I hadn't heard of it.


Feb 26, 2016 10:46 PM
Harold Gene Sullivan

My dad covered that area when he delivered Pepsi-Cola. I especially like the picture of the general store with the Pepsi sign showing.

Feb 27, 2016 02:44 AM
Barbara S. Duncan
RE/MAX Advantage - Searcy, AR
GRI, e-PRO, Executive Broker, Searcy AR

Don, thanks for the map.  It takes a good little while to get there so perhaps that is why I had never visited.  I have a listing near there and had one once before on Thida Road so I have been curious for a long time.  Deb gave me the grand tour.

Harold Gene, wonder how the town looked then?  That general store was very interesting and the owner-operator was nice and well-informed about the town.

Feb 27, 2016 10:48 PM