Fine, I’ll do it your way just stop pressuring me!

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Wow, you are a real peace of work.  I guess it’s your way or the highway, right?  You sure like to flash around the little authority you have.  Well if you won’t do it I’ll take my business to someone that has better customer service.  Are you serious?  How do you expect to get anyone to ever work with you?  Do you want my business or not?  Do you know how long I’ve been in this industry?  You don’t know what you are talking about.  If you had any idea the amount of money I represent you wouldn’t be so concerned about such little things.  It doesn’t need to be done that way. You don’t know your industry as much as you think you do.


Beware of a bully.  They create a high pressure situation and belittle you to get you to stray from your normal practices so they can accomplish their own goals.  Steer clear of this person.  At the very least they’ll make you hate your job.  At the very worst you’ll end up in jail.


Over the years I’ve actually been told these things from people that have been looking for a property manager.  They quickly deteriorated to these type of remarks after I asked for things like verification of company ownership for the company that is listed on title of the property, or when I insist every person listed on the title has to agree to and sign the management agreement, or when I refused to discriminate against a specific ethnicity that a homeowner didn’t want living in his property.  Whether it’s over a big thing or a little thing do not give into the bully.


Having been in that situation more than once, I found there can initially be a feeling of being small and questioning yourself but if you realize what they are doing you can find the presence of mind to protect yourself.  They create a high pressure situation to get you to forget your training and to place doubt in your mind.  The best thing to do is step back, take a breather and remove yourself from the pressure.  If possible, talk to a coworker, supervisor, or someone in the industry that you respect.  This will recalibrate your “ethics/proper business practice” odometer and then it’ll be easy to know what to do.  Depending on the situation it might simply be to tell them “no” and maybe try to explain your point of view, or for more serious situations report them to authorities.  They may still be rude and demanding but they will not have the ability anymore to pressure you and you’ll feel much better about the situation.



One of the many ways we work harder and smarter to protect your investment.



Jeff Stinson

Kasteel Property Management


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David Alan Baker Laveen & South Phoenix Realtor
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No one ever likes a bully.  They push because they usually get away with it, don't let them.

Feb 26, 2016 03:01 AM