Rental Applications need Ninja Reflexes

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Has anyone ever heard of or experienced this, “I submitted a rental application to this other place over a week ago and still haven’t heard back from them”?  One of my best tenants, a little old single lady with perfect credit and stable income said this right before she signed a lease with me.  Actually, I hear comments like this all the time from people looking for a place to live.


I’m always baffled by these comments because I can’t think of many things that would have priority over filling a vacancy.  A vacant home is one of the the biggest expenses of an investment property and applicants don’t wait around forever.  In fact they barely wait around at all.


To quickly accommodate applications we are set up with the latest software that is fully integrated with: a mobile website, online applications, instant screening with credit/background/eviction reports, electronic signing of leases, and online payments for the deposit and rent. We’ve got a great system. Several times we have been able to process an application and get the tenant signed up and the deposit paid all within about 10 minutes from the time they submitted their application, and because of the keyless lock system we use they have even been able to start moving in immediately.


To learn more watch the short video’s Filling Vacancies and Tenant Screening in the Owner’s section of our website.


Just another way we are working harder and smarter to protect your investment.


Jeff Stinson

Kasteel Property Management


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