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Escape to Virginia's Smith Mountain Lake

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Have you ever wondered if a tranquil lake community like Smith Mountain Lake living would provide you with the permanent escape you often wish for?


After a while, the traffic and crowds of larger cities and towns can bring a longing for a more peaceful experience that outlasts your yearly vacation. The kind of experience locals at Smith Mountain Lake get to have all the time.


Realtor.com highlights several benefits of a country setting like the one found at SML. Check out these perks of trading city life for the open spaces and fresh air of a calmer, scenic rural location like this one. 


A Natural Need


There’s a “back to nature” trend sweeping the country in multiple industries - farm-to-table food, home grown ingredients and DIY projects. Smith Mountain Lake living puts residents in the middle of a natural, life-enhancing setting. Access to organic, naturally-grown farm fresh food is as easy as a trip to one of the many farmer’s markets or locally grown sections of the grocery store. Homegrown dairy products, wine, beer and meats are also right down the road for most locals. 


Slow Down and De-Stress


Too much stress is simply not good for you, especially when it lasts over a long period. Busy, high-traffic areas may be exciting at times but prolonged exposure can raise your stress levels and take a toll on overall physical and mental health. The slower pace of living at SML means less stress on your body and mind. The beauty and peacefulness of the surroundings are constant natural stress-busters. 


Budget Breathing Room


In a country setting like ours, the budget goes further thanks to low taxes and an overall lower cost of living. The off-water and waterfront available properties at Virginia's Smith Mountain Lake come in a wide range of affordability and what may have bought you limited square footage in a larger town could likely get you a good deal more here. Smith Mountain Lake living means breathing room for the budget, another built-in benefit of living here.


Are you considering a move to our beautiful area of Virginia's Blue Ridge? The Beran Team is ready to help you discover more about the lake and all it has to offer for those looking to relocate here.


There are many unique communities and different types of housing in the area, and working with an expert real estate professional is the key to unlocking the lake's full potential for you!


For more information on Smith Mountain Lake living, contact Deb Beran today!

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Deborah Beran and I are hardly four miles from each other and we both think Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia is the most beautiful and special place on the planet.   Come share our vision and see what we see.   First a visitor, then a resident and in time; maybe you too can be a "local",  which is pretty special.

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