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Our buyers often want to look at Smith Mountain Lake’s best neighborhoods, particularly those that are up-and-coming hot spots. The latest real estate trend is turning outdated locations into a popular, trendy neighborhood through community rehabilitation.


Not only is it social rewarding to live in an up-and-coming area, but buying in an outdated neighborhood at the start of its restoration can become a rewarding investment.


How to Spot an Up-and-Coming Community


An expert real estate agent will serve as your best guide to SML’s best neighborhoods. Someone with years of experience living and helping buyers and sellers at Smith Mountain Lake, like Deb Beran, knows where the growth is. Here’s what you should be looking for:


Four Words for a Sure Prediction:




When commercial development is happening around the corner, it’s a sure sign the residential areas that connect will reap the rewards. Look for an increase in retail outlets, restaurants and gas stations, as well as improved roadways and area curb appeal. In the Smith Mtn Lake region, there are ample convenient spots with these kinds of amenities including the Westlake (Franklin County) and Eastlake (Bedford County) areas.


New Construction


If the neighborhood looks like a construction site, don’t fret. Property renovations and new home construction are a sign of investment interest and increasing values, so when you see multiple homes with ladders, buckets of paint, shingles and pressure washers in the front yard, property values may be get a boost. 


Housing Market


At times, you'll see some homes selling at a faster pace in one neighborhood over the others, which means other buyers see something special there. Ask your real estate agent what factors might be driving the housing market in this particular development and if they think it’s up-and-coming. 


photo of a lakefront condo at bernards landing




Smith Mountain Lake’s best neighborhoods have both the stability of older homeowners and the economy-driving presence of young professionals. In order for a hot community to maintain its prime, it needs a mix of demographics brought on by amenities with broad appeal and levels of affordability.


What are some of the Premier neighborhoods at SML?


There is a huge variety of property types at Smith Mountain Lake - truly a property for every buyer and every budget - from quaint lake-access homes and condos to luxury waterfront estates. SML’s golf course communities are also gaining in popularity, with multiple 18-hole courses boasting pristine layouts designed for beginner to advanced play. You’ll find plenty to discover for both part-time and full-time residents!


Below, you'll find just a few of the many residential communities at SML you'll definitely want to check out. On those pages, you can browse the homes for sale and read more about the community and the amenties it offers to residents. When you are ready to explore more in depth, call me to set up an in-person tour of the neighborhood and all the available homes there. I'm ready and waiting to show you the best the the lake has to offer!



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Deborah Beran is only scratching the surface when it comes to the reasons to relocate to Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.   I hear they have a top notch lender (me) there too.   Come see what we already know and let Deb and I count you as one of our neighbors too.

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