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I interviewed Jonna Chase, owner of Tulsa Clean Team about her business and the services she provides. 

Kelley: Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started Tulsa Clean Team.

Jonna: I grew up in Owasso and graduated in 1996.  I was a stay at home mom for several years and for a few of those years I had a handful of houses that I cleaned for family and friends.  When I finally re-entered the work force I was a manager in Telecom working long, demanding hours.  I loved my job but my kids were slowly taking a backseat and after 4 years I decided to put in my notice.  I applied to RSU and was going to pursue a degree in the psychology field but there were several months until the new semester started.  I decided to put the word out and clean a few houses while I waited for the first semester to start but after 3 months I already had more customers than I could handle by myself.  I really enjoyed cleaning houses and the instant satisfaction it brought to me knowing that I was making someone’s day a lot easier.  I also had the flexibility to be more active with my kids.  The main question I kept asking myself was “Do I go big or go to college?”  I started Tulsa Clean Team in the fall of 2008 and we are still going strong! 

Kelley: What sets Tulsa Clean Team apart from other home cleaning services?

Jonna: We have low overhead and are able to pass savings along to our customers as well as pay our cleaners a higher wage than most of our competitors.  We don’t have a storefront or office managers, secretaries etc.  I handle my own administrative work and answer the phones.  I get to know my customers very well and am able to build a personal relationship with them.  I’m not sure you could call and talk to the owner of Merry Maids without jumping through a series of transferred calls.  Another thing that sets us apart is I started the business by cleaning houses myself.  We are not a franchise or a chain.  I enlisted the help of family members and friends and built the business from there.  We take pride in being flexible.  We don’t have contracts to sign.  We don’t charge a cancellation fee (unless it becomes a problem but that hasn’t happened since we started).  We are easy to communicate with and don’t mind last minute requests or changes.  For example,  A customer might call on a Thursday evening and say “When you guys come tomorrow can you please be on the lookout for our hedgehog who escaped”? Yes, that really happened.Tulsa Clean Team Logo

Kelley: Are you insured and bonded?

Jonna: Yes, as well as licensed.

Kelley: What are your rates?

Jonna: Our rates are based on square footage and frequency of cleaning.  For example, A 2,000 sq foot home would be $95 weekly, $115 bi-weekly, $145 monthly per cleaning.  A one-time deep cleaning would be $200.  We do not require customers to start out with a deep cleaning; they can always spread the intensive cleaning out over the first few cleans. 

Kelley: What qualities do you look for when hiring a house cleaner?

Jonna: I typically only hire people I know and trust or someone that comes highly recommended from someone I know and trust.  I look for dependability, honesty, and a positive attitude. 

Kelley: Do you bring your own equipment and cleaning supplies? Do you offer organic supplies or supplies for people who have allergies etc.?

Jonna: We do provide our own equipment and supplies.  If someone has allergy concerns we ask that they provide their own products.  The only thing we do not provide is paper towels.   

Kelley: About how long does it take to clean a house?

Jonna: It depends on the size of the house and since we work in teams of 2 or 3 it can take anywhere from 1-3 hours on average.

Kelley: What services are included in a typical house cleaning?

Jonna: Floors, baseboards, blinds, doors, ceiling fans, window ledges and sills, kitchen detail, bathroom detail, linens changed (if fresh ones are available), trash taken out, cobweb removal, etc.

Kelley: How do you gain access to the house?

Jonna: It’s up to the customer.  Some customers give us keys to keep on file.  Some leave a key hidden for us on cleaning day.  Some leave a door unlocked and some provide us with a key code or garage code. 

Kelley: Does Tulsa Clean Team have any regulations regarding animals in the home?

Jonna: We have never had to refuse service due to animals.  We don’t mind cleaning around animals as long as they are not a threat to our team.  We have several clients who leave treats out that we can give to the pets and we often will let their dogs outside and bring them back in. 

Kelley: Do you ever volunteer your services?  If so could you describe a situation in which this occurred?

Jonna: Over the years we have volunteered services countless numbers of time between people who are sick or have cancer, overwhelmed moms with sick children, etc.  I personally helped with cleaning on the extreme makeover home edition.  In a funny twist of fate we had a contest on Facebook for a 6 month cleaning package and the lady who won has 2 disabled children that require most of her time and attention.  When we got to the house to start the 1st cleaning I realized it was the same house that I helped clean when extreme makeover gave them a new house!  We extended the 6 months and gave her more cleanings to help her out.  We also have donated our services to Owasso Community Resources for an auction, fundraisers for several schools in the Owasso and Tulsa area, and Joy in the cause. Joy in the cause provides care, compassion, and joy one personal act of kindness at a time, helping those with life altering illness and special needs. 


If you are looking for a reputable and reliable cleaning service call Jonna Chase owner of the Tulsa Clean Team at 918.378-7587. You can check out their website at TulsaCleanTeam



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Bob "RealMan" Timm
Ward County Notary Services - Minot, ND
Owner of Ward Co. Notary Services, retired Realtor

Great local post Kelley Ward . Posting about your community makes you the go to expert and also builds confidence in those you post about.

Apr 19, 2016 11:01 AM

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