Bad or Poor Credit? The Secret to a Mortgage Approval

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Getting a mortgage approval for home buyers with credit scores that some would judge as POOR or BAD is easier than what you have heard or would think!



Did you know?  That FHA allows for mortgage approval down to a 500 credit score? A 10% down payment is required but it is possible, in fact last year I helped two home buyers that had credit scores in the 540 range get approved to purchase a new home! If your credit scores are below 580 you will be required to put down 10% as a minimum for an FHA mortgage.


Getting a new home financed with an FHA mortgage is not overly difficult when YOU what will be expected of you before you apply for a mortgage. I have been a mortgage loan officer and/or a FHA Underwriter since 1996. I help home buyers with less than perfect credit get into new homes every month.


Now, I have made it easier for all home buyers that have been turned down by another lender, been told their scores are too low, or just thought they could not purchase a new home. Visit go to TIPS and TOOLS and discover the secret formula to getting your next new home with less then perfect credit.


Did You Know? FHA provides for you to provide specific 'good' items to help offset the bad item that is your credit? These good items are called compensating factors and there is a whole long list of compensating factors. What to learn what these 'good' items are? Click Here, many find out they already have the compensating factors to help themselves.


The Secret Formula! Yes, recently FHA came out with new guidelines that is a formula for Underwriters to use to approve home buyers that have been denied by the automated underwriting systems. Knowing what this formula is provides home buyers with less then perfect credit a distinct advantage. Would you like to have that advantage? Click Here to learn more.


Every day it seems I am getting a call from a home buyer that was turned down by another lender. Every day it seems I am getting a referral from a real estate agent because their home buyer has been turned down. Every day it seems I am helping a new home buyer who was told no by another lender purchase their next new home!


It isn't always your fault that your less then perfect credit kept you from a new home. Many times it is the lender and/or the loan officer that just did not have the ability to, the desire to, the knowledge to, or the experience to help you purchase your next new home.


If you have been turned down or if you have doubts about being approved for a new home you owe it to yourself to go to and find out for yourself if you can get a home the worst you will find out that you can soon!


I am a mortgage loan officer that serves the entire State of Missouri, St. Louis, St. Charles, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Cape Girardeau, all of MO! I can help you no matter if you are near or far.













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Dave Halpern
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Many potential home buyers are 3 to 6 months away from repairing their credit and qualifying for a home. They need a good mortgage broker who will guide them through the process.

Sep 03, 2017 08:53 PM