Offer to Give Free "Real Estate Wisdom" Workshops to Consumers & KC Companies

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Offer to Give Free "Real Estate Wisdom" Workshops

to Consumers & KC Companies

I am a specialist real estate consultant mostly in Johnson County, KS.  I was a custom homebuilder and home inspector for eight years which allowed me to acquire extensive real estate and construction experience.  

I am sharing with you some exciting new ideas I have for offering free onsite residential/commercial real estate advice/workshops to consumers and to companies in Kansas City.  I have been thinking about some new unique methods and ways to offer free ongoing consumer tips/advice either through onsite workshops and/or handouts regarding residential/commercial real estate topics and issues.  I am looking to work with organizations to offer these free tips/advice workshops and/or handouts to consumers and to possibly answer questions from consumers regarding real estate sales and building maintenance/energy issues. 

Kansas City is a truly unique city as to the building standards, materials used and building techniques.  It seems that businesses and homeowners are always looking for and needing valuable information about their buildings and real estate issues that can inform them in purchasing, building or maintaining their businesses and homes.  These new consumer real estate workshops/handouts can fill this need and could become a model for other organizations to offer their associates real estate advice/tips that can increase their business and home values and prepare them to make informed real estate decisions.  

When I was building fulltime, I offered free building seminars for consumers.  These free seminars helped educate and inform consumers and gave them opportunities to ask any questions they may have had about homes or real estate issues.  The attendees said they enjoyed them very much and received great value from them.  I was thinking that there is a much greater opportunity for organizations to offer free ongoing onsite workshops and handouts to a larger number of consumers giving free advice and tips dealing with home and real estate issues

By providing these free consumer real estate advice/workshops, consumers will be more informed and very appreciative of receiving free ongoing valuable real estate information that directly improves, maintains and affects their most valuable assets.  

Let me know if you and your organization would be interested in working together in offering these free unique, valuable real estate advice/workshops.  I would love to meet with your organization to come up with these free new unique workshops/handouts that will offer the most applicable consumer real estate and building tips/advice.

Thank you,

Keith Worrel

Advantage Consulting, LLC

Cell: (913)940-0395

Office: (913)780-9663


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Rachel Zeppinick
Sharma Estate Realty - Woodland Hills, CA
Woodland Hills Real Estate
Are you talking about buyers seminars? these are done all the time here in California
Apr 25, 2008 05:28 AM