How To Dramatically Transform Your Kitchen From Ordinary To Extra-Ordinary

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How To Dramatically Transform Your Kitchen From 

Ordinary To Extra-Ordinary.



Kitchen Before Renovations                 Kitchen After Renovations 


Why should one even think about renovating a kitchen?

Because it's often said, kitchens sells homes! And secondly: everyone loves kitchens. Ironically, even people who don't cook much, also loves beautiful kitchens.

Now if you're considering renovating your kitchen, here are the top nine (9) things to transform your kitchen from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

1. Add potlights - lighting sets the ambiance in homes. Having potlights installed in your kitchen could create a cozy and inviting feeling.


2. Add custom kitchen cabinets with fancy decorative hardware - having nice and clean kitchen cabinets isn't enough. Fancy decorative hardware is like putting icing on a cake. Could you ever imagine attending a beautiful wedding and seeing a large cake without icing?


3. Removing a wall - Just by removing a wall, can create an open floor plan and even make a kitchen feel significantly larger. Be sure to ensure first, that doing so won't affect the structural integrity of a home or condo.


Kitchen Before Potlights & Wall Removed        Kitchen With Potlights & Wall Removed


4. Add a complementary backsplash - that either blends in nicely or be the focal point of your new kitchen. Now, deciding if your backsplash should blend or be a focal point requires experience and careful planning. The trick is, you don't want a kitchen with everything being blah and blending together. Neither do you want a kitchen with too many beautiful finishes as the kitchen will appear too busy and all the finishes will be competing with each other. As that would defeat the entire purpose of having a beautiful kitchen. It's always wise to seek professional help in designing your beautiful kitchen.


5. Add new appliances - depending on the finishes you've selected for your new kitchen, stainless steel might be ideal. But, if you're on a budget and have selected white or half white kitchen cabinets, don't be afraid to go with white appliances. A clean all white kitchen is timeless and classy.

6. Add a breakfast bar or island - with busy schedules these days, families and couples often grab a quick bite together. What better place to do so, like at a kitchen breakfast bar or island?


7. Add a modern, yet functional sink - there are several styles to choose from these days. E.g: double bowl, single bowl, farmhouse, topmount and undermount.


8. Add a pull out spray faucet - just by adding a pull out spray faucet, shows you care about functionality and pays attention to details.


9. Last, but certainly not least, change the flooring to highlight your new kitchen - No kitchen is ever complete without nice floors to match. Often homeowners make the common mistake of renovating a kitchen but leaving the floors to save money. This is kind of like a beautiful young lady dressed nicely for a cocktail party and wearing an old gym shoes to save money. Doesn't work, right?  For the extra investment, it's well worth it.



There you have it!

How To Dramatically Transform Your Kitchen From Ordinary To Extra-Ordinary.


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