The Top Five Disaster Kitchen Designs!

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The Top Five Disaster Kitchen Designs!

Why should one even care about the design of a kitchen?

Firstly because it's often said, kitchen sells homes! And secondly: everyone loves kitchens. Ironically, even people who don't cook much, also loves beautiful kitchens.


Here are the top five disaster kitchen designs with solutions:  

1. Kitchen not functional - have you ever seen a kitchen and the fridge is in the room next to it? Or a kitchen fully ensuited with a clothes washer and dryer? Would you feel confused, just by looking? If your answer is yes, you're not alone!

Solution: To accommodate all kitchen appliances, the best and highly recommend work flow layout is a triangular design. Click here for examples.

Clothes washer and dryers - should be relocated to a basement, spare room or closet if possible. But, before you decide, get help from an expert! The investment could save you time, energy and money. It's always less expensive and time efficient to get things done right the first time!


2. All kitchen finishes blends and matches perfectly - what's wrong with this?Have you ever entered a kitchen only to find: all black appliances, black cabinets, black countertops and you've guessed it, black flooring! Understandably, this is a hard one for most homeowners. As they're often told that everything has to match. As true as that may sound, it's half-truth!

Solution: The full truth is; most designs should match partially. But to really make a kitchen design stand out, a bit of contrast is required. Once again, before you decide, get help from an expert! The investment could save you time, energy and money. It's always less expensive and time efficient to get things done right the first time!


3. Kitchen too busy - All the finishes are nice buy just way too busy....

Solution: Ever heard the saying "less is more!" As ironical as this may sound, the effect is astonishing. Too many beautiful finishes will defeat the entire purpose of having a beautiful kitchen. It's always wise to seek professional help in designing your beautiful kitchen.


4. Trying to copy someone's design - everyone is unique, so your home should be a complete reflection of your lifestyle not your neighbour.

Solution: It's better to be a good original than an excellent copy of someone else. Not because your neighbour's kitchen design looks great, doesn't mean it's going to fit your lifestyle and your home floor plan.


Excellent Copy Of Basic Kitchen Design            Good Original Kitchen + Personalized Finishes


5. Bad paint job on kitchen cabinets - have you ever seen a kitchen cabinet with a bad paint job and nice new fancy knobs? Don't the new fancy knobs make the bad paint job stand out even more?

Solution: hire a professional to provide quotes on a professional cabinet refinish and complete new cabinets. These days, it may surprise you that to refinish that doesn't look half as good as a new kitchen cabinet cost almost the same!

There you have it!

The Top Five Disaster Kitchen Designs!


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