Illinois Real Estate Broker - 2016 Renewal Form

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So the word on the street is that the IDFPR is "forcing" people to renew their Illinois Real Estate Broker licenses by going to and doing an online renewal. Well, that's somewhat true; they're not exactly "forcing" folks though.

It's true, the online renewal is the IDFPR's recommended and preferred method of renewal, but for the paper and pencil lovers out there, our friends at the Department have provided a good 'ol fashioned paper renewal form to use. They (IDFPR) won't be sending these paper renewal forms to you directly, as they have in the past, so you'll have to print one for your self and send it in.

2016 Illinois Real Estate Broker Renewal Form - click here

Don't forget, it's our recommendation that ANY time you send something to the Department by mail, you do so by Certified Mail with return receipt. It costs a few bucks more, but it's the only way to prove the good folks at the IDFPR actualy received what you've sent them.

Happy Learning!

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