Before & After Mid Century Modern Holmes Run

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Before & After Mid Century Modern Holmes Run



Lat year we had the unique opportunity to shoot a property that was being offered in Historic Holmes Run, our 10th shoot in this neighborhood, that was being offered to investors as a complete renovation. The property sold and several months passed. The REALTOR representing the investor loved the images I shot of this home even in its less than best presentaion, and called me to shoot the home after it's renovation! I loved being able to see the before and after of this beautiful Mid Century Modern in Falls Church. The investors and everyone involved in this project brought this historic home back to life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the before and after images!



 Before - Exterior


 After - Exterior


Before - Backyard


Holmes Run Renovation - Backyard After

After - Backyard


Holmes Run Renovation - Dining Room Before

Before - Dining Room


Holmes Run Renovation - Dining Room After

After - Dining Room 


Before - Kitchen


Holmes Run Renovation - Kitchen After

After - Kitchen


Holmes Run Renovation - Master Bedroom Before

Before - Master Bedroom


Holmes Run Renovation - Master Suite After

After - Master Suite


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