I inspect for my client not the listing agent

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I just got off the phone with a listing agent on a property that I inspected this week.  Bottom line she was  trying to obfuscate the areas of concerns that I found.  She doesn’t like the idea that I was too general. The problem which I tried to explain to her, but she hung up on me was that if you are specific with a licensed contractor they will only fix exactly what you report on. I try to put the burden on the contractor to fix the problems properly.

If I report a leak they have to fix the leak(s). If I report there is a leak(s) in the elbow they will fix that  leak only but not the leak next to it that I could not see. In my area it is usually handyman that do the fixing .(which is illegal) They usually have no clue to what is wrong or what is to code. When I see an improper drain I say the drain is not proper. Recommend having item(s) corrected by a competent professional licensed plumbing contractor.

 So I inspect for my client not the listing agent (or seller).




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I had a similar situation this weekend Mitchell. I did an inspection and reported numerous problems with this home. This time it was actually my client that called me after he received the report. He actually wanted me to change some of the ratings and verbiage on the report for certain items so that he could "negotiate better"!! I politely told him that I can not just alter my report just to make something sound better or worse than it really is.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who still do not understand what is involved in a home inspection, agents and clients alike. 

Apr 28, 2008 12:39 AM
Mitchell Captain
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I have adjusted my reporting over the years to reflect reality. When you see a number of bad receptacles if you  name  then (pinpoint their location) you may have a problem . Because receptacles are wired to each other and the "electrician" may fix all that you located but mess up one that use to be ok.

I once had a seller call me up and asked me why I didn't indicate where all the loose roof tile are located. I told him I would come out and mark each loose tiles for $150. He said the roofer will do it.

As an inspector we should have only one client in mind when writing inspection reports. We need to protect our client and sometimes when protecting our client we get agents on both side of the deal not happy with us. So be it.

Apr 28, 2008 01:33 AM
Jimmy Breazeale
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Yep...I knew I'd find you over here, Mitch.  Don't ya love it when they start sweating the closing date, and want you to tell them every detail so they can get some hack to come out and follow your instructions?  As if we are responsible for creating a punch-out list or something.  That's the way it gets played too often...agent knows a "contractor" who will bail the poor seller out cheap, he just needs some guidance as to what he should actually be doing, and how to do it.  Defects addressed, let's all gather around the closing table and get this over with.  Bottom line: If a "contractor" needs guidance to "further evaluate" a system or component, he's not the man for the job.

But, such thinking is not a personality flaw, or anything of the like.  It's just a lack of understanding.  At least, that's the way I prefer to approach the problem until I learn otherwise.  Be kind, Mitchell!

Apr 29, 2008 03:44 PM
Kevin Corsa
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Home inspectors are not supposed to be the 'diagnostics department". Our job, generally is to find the defect, point it out on a report, and then suggest an approriate course of action. Many times that action is to get a specialized contractor to further diagnose or evaluate, and then do the necessary repair.

Finding a roof leak is never simple, and rarely black and white. Sometime leaks can travel hidden for many feet, hidden under roofing or flashing, or even siding. The only way to properly examine and evaluate these is for the roofing contractor to remove the roofing, flashing, siding or whatever to detemine the cause, extent of damage, and perform the appropriate repair....none of which a home inspector should ever try to completely diagnose (unless he has x-ray vision).

May 01, 2008 12:16 AM