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Key Solutions LogoMost women think that there is something wrong with me. I love tools. I love browsing down the isles of a hardware store more than I enjoy browsing through the isles of a lingerie boutique. I love the tools that are available for the PC and it’s various programs. And of course, I love best the tool of the 360° virtual tours I produce for my clients as Key Solutions using Real Tourvision technology.

Yes, the 360° virtual tour is a tool that surpasses any other tool as a means of advertising, highlighting special features or showing off a home for sale.

  • As a listing tool, an agent offers an open house 24/7 for one full year. And with the flexibility that a Key Solutions tour offers, seasonal scenes can be easily changed, sound bites can be included and descriptive text can be added. The tour can be personalized in many ways to reflect the personality of the agency as well as the property.
  • As a qualifying tool; prospective buyers have an opportunity to scrutinize the home, the neighborhood, the layout of the home and yard, as well as the price—all from the convenience of their homes; to determine if the property meets their needs and their price range.
  • As a tool of convenience for the agent, a 360° virtual tour provides a way for the customer to tour the homes from inside the real estate office. This promotes the possibility of more “in-house” sales plus increases the likelihood of driving fewer miles showing homes they know in advance that the prospective buyer likes.

Lets not forget that the agent who offers a virtual tour to his client is a caring agent that shows that he/she is willing to go the extra mile to get the best exposure for their client’s home that is possible.

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Gabriel Duque
Virtual Florida Tours - Miami, FL

Dear Christine,

You really express the ideas related to our products in such a beautiful and accurate way that I cannot use the right words to say how good it is.


May 06, 2008 12:17 PM