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Lewis Street Boulevard in Monroe WA

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For the last week or so, I’ve been watching the boulevard on Lewis Street in Monroe.  There have been a few daffodils starting to bloom.  I’ve seen the crews out working on the flower areas of the boulevard.  Today when I drove along the street, the flowers were in full bloom.

It’s fun to watch the Lewis Street boulevard throughout the year.  The boulevard is at the end of Highway 203 and runs from the south city limits to just south of Main Street.  The boulevard is broken by breaks through which vehicles can drive.  The sides of each break are planted with seasonal flowers.  Several times throughout the year, the spent flowers are replaced by a new crop of flowers.  It is fun to watch and see what flowers will be planted next.

Each town or community has aspects that make up the character of the town.  The Lewis Street boulevard is one of the aspects that gives character to Monroe, Washington.

Prepared by Nancy Van Pelt

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