Cats From Hell

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I have nothing against cats or people who enjoy them as pets. Well, maybe I should qualify that, people who have less than two cats seem okay. My question is this: Have you ever been to an open house where you’re met at the front door with the wafting odor of kitty litter?

My wife and I took a look last weekend at this beautiful, 4 bedroom Victorian on a half acre. From the outside the house was perfect. But from the second we stepped inside our senses were assaulted by the unmistakable odor of “cats.”

The Listing Agent noticed our wrinkled noses and immediately pointed out that the sellers were offering a $5,000 allowance for “replacing the carpets.” Hmmmmm. I watch HGTV sometimes. I know there are people out there on “Property Ladder” and other similar shows who are able to look past all the gross stuff to see a home’s inner beauty. I guess I’m not one of them. I wanted to leave right away. But my wife is far too polite to spin around and walk out. She’ll waste time making small talk and looking in closets with the best of them. So there I stood not wanting to go any further than the foyer but seeing as my wife had already disappeared with the agent, I decided to poke around.

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Comments (4)

Jeffery Griffin
Jeff Griffin LLC - Wailuku, HI
Broker Owner
pets can be damaging
Apr 25, 2008 08:54 AM
John LaRocca
LaRocca Inspections - Burbank, CA
I just read another funny blog a couple days ago regarding trying to sell homes with smells and he said that the worst offender was cat pee. Maybe it's time to start a new group!
Apr 25, 2008 08:56 AM
Diane Lombardino
Keller Williams Realty of Jupiter - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
I LOVE CATS!!  THE MORE THE MERRIER!!  But, it is hard to sell a house with CATS.  Even after my sellers move out I insist that the carpets be cleaned!  Even then I can sometimes can smell the scent of cats no matter how clean the house is.  Some people have very a very sensitive nose and can smell anything the minute we open the door.  It's like smoke, the smell permiates the walls.
Apr 25, 2008 09:01 AM
Randy "Lazarus" McAtee
Lazarus Realty - Fresno, CA
Owner/Broker, Lazarus Realty, Fresno California
yes.  They are the worst.  I wouldnt show a house that smells unless a buyer specifically requested it. 
Apr 25, 2008 09:02 AM