Top Ten 1031 Exchange Misconceptions

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Here are the Top Ten 1031 Exchange Misconceptions


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1.  Like-kind means I must exchange the same type of property, such as apartment building for apartment building.

All real property is like-kind to other real property, but personal property like-kind requirements do have some restrictions. Real property and personal property are not like-kind to one another.  To read more about like-kind real estate, click here.

2.  My attorney can handle this for me.

Not if your attorney has provided you any non-exchange related legal services within the two-year period prior to the exchange. Click here to read more about qualified and disqualified parties.

3.  I must literally “swap” my property with another investor.

No. A 1031 exchange allows you to sell your relinquished property and purchase replacement property from a third party. Watch a short video on the basic process of a 1031 exchange.

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