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If you Tweet and No One Responds to Your Tweet, Did you Really Tweet"?

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I was listening to a Podcast yesterday called Real Estate Success Rocks which is by a gent named Alex Charfen.  Alex has over 50 episodes and I found the one titled "Social Mediology most relevant to me yesterday.  The shows guest was a man named Jay Izso, who wrote a book titled "Got Social Mediology".     The book is about understanding the psychology of your consumer on social media and once you understand this he explains how to increase your ROI with these social media platforms. He does a great job of explaining the psychology of different social media platforms and how to use them effectively.  I just bought the book and have not yet had time to read it but I am looking forward to that.


During the Podcast Jay asked the question, "If you Tweet and No One Responds to Your Tweet, Did you Really Tweet"?  He was trying to say that if you are not Tweeting to start a conversation with your readers, then why are you Tweeting at all?  If the intent of social media is to get a response or reaction out of you reader, was that a waste of time if no one responds?  In this situation we are not talking about using Twitter for SEO purpose but rather using it for what it was designed.

I have about 1000 Twitter followers myself and get few reactions.  I am marketing to a niche demographic of people looking to buy or sell mobile homes in mobile home communities.   Though I have not yet read his book I am questioning whether I am marketing to the right Twitter group and I intend to make some changes after I have not some research and analysis.


My question to you is, “Are your consumers responding to your Tweets”?


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A tweet by any other name is still a tweet...Tweetspeare

Mar 09, 2016 11:24 PM
Wayne Golliday
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A tweet not read is a tweet not sent - 

Mar 09, 2016 11:25 PM