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All my agents are getting certified!

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Tri-City Realty, LLC


It is my office policy that with in 12 months after hiring a new agent they must obtain a certification.  I am in a very small market.  We still set a higher standard for our agents, it becomes a win-win for everyone.  

My business partner and myself only want the "Best of the Best" associated with our firm.  This level of knowledge is unmistakable in our market.  We pride ourselves as the most knowledgeable in our profession, however, we just attended a large meeting with the founder of our franchise, Dave Liniger.  He made a comment that stood out above everything else mentioned that day.  Dave said "You must tell your sellers that they have entered their home in a beauty contest that is in a price war".  He spoke several times about how important it is to have your home market ready prior to entering it on the market.  We were so convinced that we all have agreed to take the next certification course in July. 

Soon, we will be amoungst the rest of this elite group and can talk shop.  We truly can not wait. 

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Susan Smith
Rooms That Work LLC - Sandy Hook, CT

Hi Jamie,

That's wonderful that your office "gets" how important staging is.  My question to you, however, is how best to allocate your time.  Those of us who have been diggin' trenches for a while can attest that it always takes longer than you think!  Keep us posted on your journey!  And hey, you can talk shop w/us anytime you like!  Welcome to SIF!


Apr 26, 2008 01:21 PM
Jamie Moss-Godfrey
RE/MAX Tri-City Realty, LLC - Rockingham, NC

Thanks Susan...I am sure that it is a grow and learn experience.  Thank goodness that I have you guys to lean on in "potential" difficult situations.


Apr 27, 2008 12:52 AM
Virginia Tatseos
Stage-Show-Sell - Bloomfield Township, MI

Wow, I have to be careful in the way that I say this.   The "course" may give you the certification and the agents must realize that it won't make them a stager.

It's more valuable for your agents to form a realtonship with a professional stager and use them as their listing tool.

The two day course really doesn't teach staging.  It teaches a few tricks etc,    Your agents would be better of spending their class room time taking a course directly related to the real estate industry.

My suggestion is that they all take the ePRO course

Virginia Tatseos   ABR ASP GRI LTG SRES ePRO  PMN


Apr 27, 2008 03:40 AM
Jamie Moss-Godfrey
RE/MAX Tri-City Realty, LLC - Rockingham, NC



Thanks for your advice.  As I mentioned in my blog, we are in a small (depressed) market.  Last years average sales price was 96K.  In most cases hiring a professional stager financially is not an option.  I can attest to the fact that any knowledge gained from continuing your education is going to be rewarding in the end.  However, I am not interested in my agents becoming "interior decorators".  I need them selling homes.  If they can leave this class with a minuet amount of confidence building skills, then I am all for it. 

I, personally, just completed my CRB classes and I am a CRB candidate.  I am a continuing education "geek".  I am curious about ePRO.  Will you enlighten me more on ePRO? 

Jamie Moss-Godfrey, GRI, CRS, ABR

Apr 27, 2008 11:54 AM
Virginia Tatseos
Stage-Show-Sell - Bloomfield Township, MI


e-PRO will teach your agents how to do more.  It's like the expression  "work smarter not harder"

Think of it as e-commerce.   We all need to be on the web (like active rain) and email more efficiently.

Do you know that some agents still make 10 copies of purchase agreements for sellers to sign and then run them all over the place INSTEAD of emailing them.

I took the on-line course many years ago when it first started.  I thought it was a little basic and have heard that it's much better now.

Depressed market or not. All houses need some kind of staging.  Maybe it's a walk thru with a professional that you hook up with.   Not all staging is expensive. 

Try hooking up with a stager for a 'complimentary' walk thru with your clients.  You pay for the walk thru (take it out of your advertising budget).  The stager than has the opportunity to sell their complete services or give your sellers enough tips to get their house ready.   If the house is ready and it sells faster and for more money you are all winners and will be ahead of all the other companies.

I suggest you try this a couple of times with your sellers.

You might find that this is a better way to spend your/agents money and time.




Apr 28, 2008 12:29 AM