Business For Sale In Picard, Portsmouth At EC$467,000

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Viable business for sale in Picard, Portsmouth near Hotel The Champs.

The owner of this business will offer with this property, a natural and tranquil atmosphere for relaxing as well as bar services to its guests, visitors and customers.

The building – cottage of this business for sale in Picard, Portsmouth features two rental units.  Perhaps the most unique design feature of this particular cabin is that it is built from several different types of local woods from the Nature Isle including Gummiere, Kubowee, red cedar, layou, blue maho, bamboo, almond, pine, het, galva, and pink mahogany floors. As soon as one enters they will be welcomed with the mild aroma mix of all the different types of woods thus complimenting the different sections in the room.  The apparent different shades of wood add to the uniqueness of this building.

The living room of the top floor has all the modern furniture such as couches, wooden cabinets, side tables and hand crafted furniture.  The ceiling fan ordered from the United States fits well with the natural look of the property. The kitchen is also fully stocked with the major appliance such as a refrigerator, stove, microwave toaster oven and all the other basic essentials.  There is a loft that can be used as sleeping quarters for extra guests; currently two mattresses lie there. The terrace is another highlight of this incredible living space. There is also a hammock at the front of the property that would be ideal for afternoon naps.

From the terrace of this bungalow in Picard, Portsmouth, the view of Prince Rupert Bay and Cabrits National Park is absolutely breathtaking. Vanished locally made tables and chairs compliment this spacious leisure area that can be used as a bar and barbeque platform. Guests and customers can relax sipping on cocktails socializing and enjoying the sounds of various species of birds chirping as well as the sound of chimes from inside of the cottages.

The second floor of this business for sale in Picard is quite quaint and cozy and boasts one bedroom, living space, kitchenette with mini fridge, counter top stove and toaster oven. Also, there is an external shower for the adventure lovers.  The double doors opening out unto the small verandah gives the living area a more spacious feel.  One of the most exciting features of this bottom floor is that you can lie in bed and enjoy the undisturbed view of Dominica’s admired Prince Rupert Bay and Cabrits National Park.

The property is well maintained, and surrounded by various fruit trees such as, guava, cocoa, and star fruit on the adjoining property. Two storage tanks on the property store water that is used for both floors of the bungalow.

The entire bungalow is powered by solar energy, 8 (eight) 2.4 kw solar panels charging 8 (six) boat batteries  6 (six) of which delivering 780w amp hours and 2 (two) delivering 200w amp hours (is the amount of energy charge in a battery that will allow one ampere of current to flow for one hour.) The bungalow runs solely on 110v. There is also a 3,500w power inverter.

The land measures 2,865 square feet and the building is 1,170 square feet.  The business advertises on several vacation rental websites.

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Congratulations on your listing.  It looks like a nice one, we wish you the best of luck in selling it soon!

Mar 15, 2016 09:44 AM
Jillian La Rocque

Thank you! :)

Mar 16, 2016 04:53 AM