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My friend Theresa put out this announcement about the power of mobile marketing, as a service that she supports for her clients at


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Mobile advertising is exploding. To put it into perspective, there are 7.2 billion people on the planet, yet there are more connections:  7.5 billion mobile connections. There are more connections than people and a huge proportion of these potential customers now have the capacity to find you online.

At no point in human history have businesses had access to such a vast audience. This article is going to show you how you can capture them and master mobile advertising.


Use In-Ad Engagement

Every additional click in mobile advertising will cut your potential audience by half.  Your ad should be interactive, rather than asking for a simple click from visitors.  Interact with your customers along the way, in order to entertain and hold them.  

You'll see your click-through rates practically double if you can get this right.


mobile ad servpro scarsdale mount vernon ny 10583 trulia fire water cleanup mold removal 911 emergency 24hour westchester county ny


Know Your Audience First

A common mistake is beginning your mobile advertising before you know who your audience is. Mobile users are everyone. They are just as diverse as a desktop audience. Yet there are advertisers who will happily spend their time marketing to a generalized audience that they randomly pulled out of thin air.

Spend some time researching your pref1erred audience. Find out their likes and their dislikes. Browse as someone searching for your product. Take a look at things from the other side of the glass. Nextiva suggests installing 3rd party tools like Google Analytics to get concrete data on who your mobile users are .


Get the Timing Right

Creating and maintaining a mobile advertising campaign that works is about encouraging users to act as soon as possible. Mobile marketing is all about getting the quickest way to the results. You need to time your campaign to encourage users to act as soon as possible.

There are many incentives you can use to get users to do what you want fast. For example, you may decide to offer a free download of something entertaining. You may even decide to provide some sort of discount coupon.

It's about giving users a reason to care about you over someone else.


mobile ad servpro scarsdale mount vernon ny 10583 trulia fire water cleanup mold removal 911 emergency 24hour westchester county nyLocation is Everything

Your location is everything.

Effective ad placement does differ depending on your company and who you are marketing to.

For example, many advertisers on Facebook discovered on desktops that placing ads in the sidebar no longer worked.

But they only knew this through good testing and lots of research.




A Strong Call to Action

So you have an ad, but what do you want people to do when they see that ad?

To you, it may seem obvious, but to everyone else it's often a matter of confusion. It doesn't have to be a long pitch about how you want customers to change their lives for the better. Just tell them what to do:

Do you want them to click something? Do you want them to give you their emails? Or do you want them to do something else entirely?


Why You Need to Add a Phone Number

The reality is most mobile users are searching for businesses in their local area. It's why Google has started to concentrate so much on local and hyperlocal SEO. Over half of all searches fall into these two categories. It's why companies that want to master mobile advertising need to have a presence with information like opening hours and contact details.

Take note that this strategy won't work for every company. There are some businesses that have had lots of success using Google Ads on mobile. Users just need to tap the number and the call is placed instantly.

But you do need to test this to see if adding a phone number will work effectively for you.


Take Advantage of Geotargeting

Geotargeting advertisements always make mobile advertising campaigns more successful.  You have a limited number of impressions before your daily ad budget is spent.  By reducing your number of wasted impressions through better targeting, you are reducing the amount of expenditure, while reducing the cost per lead/cost per subscriber.

There's no doubt that geotargeting will become a part of every mobile advertising campaign going forward.  

Businesses have to make sure that they are hitting only the people who are likely to have an interest in them.


Test, Test, Test

Mobile advertising may have changed the way businesses promote their products and services. What hasn't changed is the need to test various strategies. What works for one company won't necessarily work for another.

It may require a significant investment in the beginning, but in the long-term you are bound to get all that money back. Consider mobile advertising an investment in your long-term future.


How will you begin mastering mobile advertising for your business?  Contact our friend Theresa Todman, who founded Westchester Networking for Professionals more than a decade ago.  

Find WNFP & Theresa on Facebook...and look us up a ready.servpro to put our app on your phone and mobile devices.  Good luck mastering this amazing source.


Go get 'em tiger marketers!

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Some good advice from Theresa.  CTA are always important as is KISS.

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