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Hey All

I just thought I would throw this out there because it is starting to become a motto of mine.

- "Just because you know a Realtor, it doesn't mean you know a good one."

Now I would never bad mouth another Realtor personally.  That's completely unprofessional.  It's just that I've noticed more and more listings lately that seam to be lacking the effort and attention that a true Realtor should provide.  From shabby pictures to typos in text, I really wonder what happened to attention to detail.  I hope it's not just a "sign in the yard"mentallity.  I actually saw a typo the other day that turned the word "sheet" in sheet rock into something that you wouldn't want your kids saying!

I think as a professional group we owe it to each other to set a standard that the community will look up to.  Just a thought.

Thanks for letting me vent.  I think it must be the weather! :o)

Live Today!


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