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Sell Your Home Fast With A Real Estate Investor

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Sell Your Home Fast with a Real Estate Investor

Selling a house can be a prolonged ordeal – which may seem almost interminable if you need to sell your home quickly. Real Estate investors can help shorten the (too-)long waiting period when it comes to selling your home. And, you can often sell your home faster by working with an investor than a real estate agent. Here are some reasons you might want to sell your house to a real estate investor rather than through an agent (or on your own).

1)  Real estate investors work quickly. In many cases, sellers are in a rush to get their house sold. Maybe they’re facing foreclosure or settling a divorce. Sometimes the seller has moved because of a job and needs to sell the house quickly to avoid two mortgage payments. Or someone might inherit a house and doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with the repairs and marketing needed to sell the house.

Most people who try selling their house themselves or through a real estate agent find that it is anything but “fast” in most cases. Unless you’re willing to sell your house at a significantly reduced price, in many markets you could find yourself waiting one to three months before you accept an offer. On the other hand, real estate investors – operating independently, with private funds – can often close a house purchase in a week or less.

2)  Investors can make their offer fit the seller’s needs. If the seller wants to close quickly, that can be arranged. If the seller wants cash all at once or a monthly cash flow, an investor can do that, too. He or she can also make up past payments and take over current payments to immediately relieve money burdens on the seller.

Investors can be a lot more flexible with their offers than the “traditional” offers sellers typically receive because they’re independent and not part of a bank bureaucracy that must follow many rules. They may also be aware of possible creative solutions to meet sellers’ needs that your average home buyer (or agent) wouldn’t think of.

3)  Real estate investors might buy someone’s house when no one else will. In many cases, they buy houses that have fire damage, termites, mold, roof problems or need major repairs. Houses with these conditions scare most buyers, and real estate agents hate listing them because they know such houses are hard to sell.

The real estate investors in Maryland at The Team Edge Properties can help you sell your property – no matter what the condition, where the location, or what type of real estate you have on your hands!

Ready to close a deal hassle-free? We are, too. To get started, fill out this form, and we’ll fill you in on a great solution to help you sell your property! Expect a call from one of our experienced and professional real estate investors within one to three days of submitting this form.


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