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Did you know that in addition to selling residential real estate we also do Short Sales? If your house is worth less than when you bought it you may be a candidate for a short sale. If you have had a hardship that’s prevented you from paying your mortgage or you can not continue to make payments you may qualify for a short sale.

The most important reason to do a short sale is debt forgiveness. When you sell your home you'll need to payback your mortgage & cover other expenses like real estate fees, taxes and settlement fees. When prices came down many homeowners found their homes worth less than the amount of their mortgage leaving them "short". The shortage is called a deficiency & in the State of Connecticut your bank can pursue you for the deficiency post-foreclosure. 

By being proactive you can sell your home & rid yourself of the bad debt. In a short sale we pursue your bank for an approval to sell for less than owed. We also get their agreement to forgive the balance that is otherwise owed. So the short sale creates a way to sell the property and get a release of the debt attached to it. In addition there is no cost to you- your real estate fees, attorney fees & many other expenses are covered by your bank. 

If you have been thinking about it but haven't taken action now is the time. With over 10 years of experience in preforeclosure property & short sale negotiation you can count on us to have the skill & determination to get your home sold. Contact us for a free consultation & put our experience to work for you! 


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