4 Things Chehalis/Centralia area Sellers Ask and Buyer’s Expect

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4 Things Chehalis/Centralia area Sellers Ask and Buyer’s Expect


As a Chehalis/Centralia area Realtor, I frequently get asked by sellers what they can do to improve the value of their home and get the highest possible price. The answer to that question, which has been proven by various studies, is to stage your home how a buyer would expect it. Meaning, if a seller wants top dollar, stage it so a buyer sees what they would expect out of a top dollar home. Here are the top 4 things Chehalis/Centralia area buyers expect:

#1 – Clean



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Nothing ruins a showing more than an unkempt house with a foul smell! Cleaning just isn’t about picking up and putting away – it’s about scrubbing dirt and making sure the house doesn’t take on a particular smell like smoke or yesterday’s dinner. Smell is one of the greatest memory triggers, so it’s important to remain neutral – you want the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home. If it isn’t clean, you’re reducing your chances of a buyer deciding your house is the one, or, at the very least, get ready for some low ball offers!



#2 – No Clutter



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You’ve seen the show Hoarders, right? Well, your house probably isn’t that bad, but the general idea of de-cluttering is the same. Your home is a reflection of you and your family, so it makes sense to fill it with the things you love. Except, when your selling, it makes sense to remove those personal items so the next family can imagine it as their own.  Buyers are easily distracted and typically make decisions based on the “feel” of the home. Also, you want to make sure the rooms have flow to them. You may love a particular set up of your furniture, but try to imagine how a walkthrough of the home would go. If it doesn’t flow easily, a buyer will feel cramped and think the home is too small for their needs.



#3 – Paint Neutral



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You love purple and neon green! Who doesn’t? Well, most buyers. When you’re listing your home, it’s important to recognize what you are selling and what you’re not. You’re not selling a piece of your history, but rather you are selling a product. If you have an extremely personalized product, you’re going to have a hard time finding that one person who the product is personalized for. However, if you have a generic product, you’re going to reach a lot more buyers and they have a blank slate to personalize it to their tastes. Think about this. When you see a home with floral wallpaper, do you not automatically think of Grandma’s house? You’ve just classified your house as a product for grandparents.

#4 – Make Necessary Repairs



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When a buyer walks through a home, they want to make sure it feels right and they look for flaws that will either give them a reason to reject your house or make a lower offer based on the amount of work needed. If you’re carpet is stained, make sure to either have it cleaned professional or replaced. If there are holes in walls or doors, get ‘em fixed! A lot of sellers would prefer to sell their home “as-is”, but they also want top dollar. Those two terms have no relation whatsoever! If you do everything you can to show your home in the best light, then you can ask for top dollar. If you just want a quick sale and move without any work, you won’t be able to demand the highest possible price.




These 4 Things Chehalis/Centralia area Sellers Ask and Buyer’s Expect are pretty typical everywhere, but in all things, consult with a local Realtor to find out what is expected in your area. Another good resource to make your house shine its best is to do a consultation with a local staging professional. If you are looking for a Realtor who provides Extraordinary Service and Extraordinary Results (as well as referrals to Extraordinary service providers), I just happen to know a guy!

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