There's nothing worse than accidentally dropping your expensive smartphone on the ground or in water and damaging it. However, there are ways to protect your device from damage should it take a spill. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your smartphone in good shape:


Many people rave about the design of today's smartphones. However, if you want to protect your tech, purchase a silicone or plastic case to absorb the impact of a fall. Cases come in a variety of colors and patterns to help you express your style.


Screen protectors are a cost effective way to keep your screen scratch and crack-free. If your smartphone is newer than five years old, your glass screen may be tough enough to withstand a fall. However, sand can still scratch it, so if you're a beach bum, consider spending a few dollars on a screen protector.


Moisture is an enemy to all types of gadgets. Wrap your device in a towel overnight if you live in a humid area. Also, try not to bring your phone with you into the bathroom or shower or into the kitchen while you're cooking. And, if you keep your phone on you while you exercise, use a moisture-proof sports case to prevent your sweat and surrounding humidity from taking their toll.



Since many of us take our smartphones and tablets with us everywhere, it's no surprise that they're breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty bacteria that can make you sick. Keep your gadgets clean and your body healthy with these cleaning tips:

1. Turn off your device. This will help prevent damage that may occur while cleaning.

2. Remove your screen protector and case.

3. Use a microfiber cloth and tech-safe cleaning solution. Never, ever use commercial liquid cleaning products to clean your technology. Use solutions formulated specifically for electronics.

4. Clean the ports of your device with compressed air. Be sure to use compressed air that is designed for use with electronics.

5. Put your screen protector and case back on your device.

CLEAN YOUR SMARTPHONE AND TABLET AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH to eliminate any germs and bacteria on your devices.

Ewww! What's Lurking on my Tech?!

Rethink taking your phone into the restroom. One in six cell phones were found to have harmful bacteria on them.

Pass the wipes. Twenty-three percent of viruses can transfer between your tablet and your hands.

Cover your nose when you sneeze. Cold and flu germs can stay on a surface for almost 48 hours!