What sellers need to know about following up

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This is what sellers need to know about following up with showings and open house visitors. 

It's important to understand the psychology of buyers and the market forces that lead them to a purchased home. Buying a home is the most important buying experience in a lifetime for most buyers unlike any other consumer purchase.

Understand you can’t arm twist someone into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in any situation. In my 11 years of buying and selling houses I have never seen a sales pitch follow-up call change the outcome of a transaction. If an open house visitor or agent is interested in a purchase they will let us know so.

That being said, if you have a price decrease or other new material information a follow-up call might be worthwhile. But, if you are willing to negotiate a better deal than what is advertised, amend your offering (MLS Listing) and offer it to all buyers. Remember you are looking for the best offer not just any offer. Any confidential information said by the listing agent without your permission is not ethical.

Keep in mind the majority of the time a buyer is represented by an agent. That agent is laser focused on any home a buyer is interested in. Remember they get the buyer agent commission, on a $300,000 home here in North Texas that is typically $9,000. This is the motivation we rely on to get a deal done.

I do sometimes follow-up if with a buyer agent if showing feedback indicates a buyer is interested or a question is asked. Simply, I ask buyers and agents if I can do anything to help, answer questions, and make sure they have my contact information. That type of response sends the message we are open and willing to work with them and does not violate confidentiality. 

A listing agents first priority is to spend their time marketing your home to other agents and second, to their buyers by focusing on attaining the widest possible exposure. Selling a home is best accomplished by wide exposure to find the highest and ready, willing, and able buyer for your property. 

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Diana L Faulkner
Romanoff Realty - Alamo Heights, TX
Alamo Heights Homes for Sale - Concierge Service

Great point.  I agree.... a follow up phone call from a listing agent to me (the buyers agent) has no impact whatsoever on the outcome of my Buyer's decision.  I am looking out for their best interest; if they are interested, I will convey that to the listing agent in feedback. 

Mar 17, 2016 03:41 PM