February Home Sales Tumbled In Daytona Beach

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Lack of inventory sent home sales crashing downward in February.

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Shocking Home Sales & Price Trends Are Happening NOW!

February home sales floundered in the Daytona Beach area, with year over year sales falling by a percentage almost as great as the year over year median price increase. The double digit sales drops and double digit price gains are affecting buyers, sellers and the area's homeowners in all pricing brackets. But what's causing it and which price range is seeing the biggest gains?       


Millennials & Boomers Found The Secret Sauce To Saving BIG

Once upon a time, people squirreled their money away in stocks at the behest of wise money managers. But  since the nation's worst recession, and with every stutter of the stock market since, a flood of Millennials and some smart Baby Boomers are moving their savings to higher ground. And where they're stashing the cash might surprise you. (Hint: it's a bill you're already paying)


Easter Events Around Daytona

Seller's Market In Full Swing

This Month's MUST HAVE Home

Why Your Home Value Hasn't Grown As Much As Those Up North

So, the experts all say the economy has "officially" recovered from the recession (more or less). And a few of your friends up north, or maybe out west, or wherever recently sold their home and made a MINT. But that home value checker thingy online keeps telling you a big payday isn't on its way for your Florida home. What's going ON?




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Thank you for sharing this information.  This is perfect for buyers and sellers alike!

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