7 Steps To Hiring A Great Assistant

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7 Steps To Hiring A Great Assistant

An assistant can be a big asset to your business. Hiring an assistant to deal with the world at large and administrative issues in particular gives you more time—and fewer interruptions—to work on the things you love to do that bring in revenue. Hiring for a job this important is serious business. Here’s how the experts say you should go about it.

Make a list of the duties. Jot down everything you want your assistant to do—answering the pho...ne and emails, billing, banking, record keeping, etc. If you want to include personal tasks, such as booking airline tickets for family trips, list those too. This helps you define the type of person you need, and lets applicants know what to expect on the job.

Define the personality. For your own benefit, decide whether your assistant’s personality should be more professional and serious or more personable and lighthearted. The right personality for an assistant is the one that fits you and your business.

See how they solve problems. In the interview, pose a tough question: “I’m out of the office and my cell phone’s turned off. A client calls with an urgent question; what would you do?”

Ask about their outside experience. People who volunteer or are involved in local social groups and business associations might have connections that could benefit you.

Check their communication skills. Email and phone applicants you’re interested in to see how well their responses fit into your business style.
Meet more than once. Talk with your top picks at a coffee shop or casual lunch. Invite other workers if appropriate, observe the applicant’s real-life social skills.

Follow your gut. When all is said and done, you need to feel right about this person you’re relying on to assist you through thick and thin. Gut reactions really do count.

If you’re ready to hire an assistant, here’s to your success finding the right one for you—as you keep working toward your best year ever... Enjoy a great month!



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