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Purchasing a new home comes with its own challenges. It can be difficult to get just the right “deal” you and your family are looking for and if you’re a first-time homebuyer keeping track of your agenda as well as your needs in a future home, it’s easy to get caught up. It may be a good idea to consider and set up an outline of a few “non-negotiable” items to keep both focused and organized.

 Remember, wants and needs are completely different things. It’s common to have high hopes during your home exploration but keep your needs at a reachable level. The items you decide to include should not be luxuries but necessary components.

When discussing non-negotiables, the first thing that comes to mind is usually personal taste and/or the structure of the home. This is important but only when considered in the right context. For example, the paint on the walls may not follow your preference but this can be changed. Things like natural lighting and storage space on the other hand oftentimes cannot be altered. Keep the things that affect your home in mind during your walk-throughs. 

Also non-negotiables shouldn’t just be in regards to the home but your home buying process. Each real estate transaction deal with a variety of companies each completing a piece of the process leading up to your home ownership. Who is it important for you to close with? Who will complete the final steps of your latest investment? Certain title agencies like Fort Myers Title Company can not only complete your title search safely but lead you to the closing table as well. 

About Title Junction: Title Junction (http://www.title-junction.com) is a full service real estate title company serving the area of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the entire state of Florida. The company handles a number of real estate title services for both commercial and residential properties and the employees can help a foreign investor or foreign seller navigate through the tricky FIRPTA regulations. Employees of Title Junction can also act as a witness in courtesy closings, an escrow agent or a notary public. The company was founded in 2005.

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