MarketWATCH Granada Hills: 3/30/16

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Were you one of the many to see Batman v Superman this weekend?  
Can you believe it's showing at over 19,700 screens across 39 
territories across the globe? 
Do you know that it has had the largest 
opening in $ of any superhero movie to date?? Talk about the power of 
I bring this up, because it's kind of like this Spring market -- a LOT of 
hype, the 
feeling of scarcity and high demand... which is forcing prices 
to hold, and many 
buyers to compete for homes, some of which end 
up selling WAY above list price 
(which seems great for sellers), until 
the appraisal doesn't support the amount and the 
buyer's mortgage 
falls short. WHAT? Yes, this really happens.
A realtor who has YOUR best interests at heart, as well as an intimate 
knowledge of the market 
can help you to avoid these kinds of 
disappointment. Whether it's losing out in a bidding war or not being
able to finance the purchase of the accepted offer, our job is to help 
you develop the best purchase strategy. 
Another scenario is if you 
win the bidding war and are able to finance the home (or buy it 
then three years down the road, you can't get back what 
you've invested, because you bought an 
artificially-inflated property. 
(a la 2006)
If you're really interested in a home and would like an objective 
give us a call, send an email, a text, a carrier pigeon, we 
really would like to see you INVEST your 
money wisely.
Now, I shall jump down off my soapbox and let you know what's going 
on in the market this week. 

There were 4 new listings this week in Granada Hills. They range in 
price from $479,000 -$749,000; size 1176sf - 2909sf; age from 
1928 - 1969




















Check out all the new listings this week in Granada Hills – HERE


ps Seriously, if you'd like to sit down with us for a strategy session, so 
that together we can plan out the best course of action for you and 
know your limits financially, ask for our Free Home Loan Report 
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Anne-Marie Stone
Pinnacle Estate Properties

Cal BRE# 00923192

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