Spring is the perfect time to be outside in Reno, NV

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Here in Reno, NV one could say we have four seasons. However, that depends on interpretation. We often have a very long Summer May to October, then we have a month of Fall, a few months of Winter and again a month of Spring.

March ended with snow, but here is April and today the temperature will be close to 80. What? You may ask. Yes, Spring and Fall are both very short seasons, but snow can fall even in the beginning of the summer. We had up to 6" of snow in the past in May and the month of June. As El Nino bringing more precipitation, I wouldn't be surprised to see more snow this year. The good news is, it only last a day or two - if sticks at all.

Spring is short but beautiful. Get out there!

I was celebrating Spring with a photo-shoot with Gina:

Location - the beautiful University of Nevada, Reno



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