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The Comox Valley is located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada within the Valley; includes the city of Courtenay(POP 20,000), the town of Comox (POP : 10,545), the village of Cumberland, along with smaller communities of Royston, Union Bay, Fanny Bay and the farms and forests of Merville and Black Creek. Denman Island and Hornby Island are also considered part of the Comox Valley. Hornby Island is home to some of the best fresh water in the world & both of these Gulf Island provide a unique destination away from the ‘big island'.

With a relatively mild (for Canada) climate, the Comox Valley is very attractive to people looking for small town and rural alternatives to suburban homogenization and urban congestion.

The Comox Valley is listed as being the 59th largest metropolitan area in Canada and one of the fastest growing in British Columbia. The main growth industries are tourism and construction, with the local ski hill; Mount Washington and world renowned Crown Isle Golf resort & estates.

The Comox Valley has long been referred to as the Recreation Capital of Canada with  lakes rivers & Ocean within 30 minutes of eachother. One can go skiing, hiking, boating, and fishing all in one day!

There is an abundance of Provincial Parks, beaches and other recreational areas amking the Valley a naturalists' and photographers' Paradise.

Comox Valley lies in its combination of natural beauty and rich cultural scene

many music and arts festivals also rich in its numerous volunteer and non-profit organizations devoted to cultural pursuits.

The Comox Valley can also be used as a gateway to other destinations or an easy destination on its own with; ferry service from Comox to Powell River - Mainland BC. And air service via West Jet, air Canada, Central Mountain air, pacific coastal, Transat Holiday,  direct to Calgary and points south and east. This great network of transportation and accessability has resulted in many Albertan's driving the real estate and population boom.

In addition to the many services and attractions Comox is home to the Canadian Forces in the form of CFB Comox where much of the relocated population is involved. This seems to give the Comox Valley that friendly charm and attitude to those new to the valley since it seems many are from some place else.

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