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Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Indio and Cathedral City all have plans for their revitalization of the downtown areas. I noticed several recent commercial listings in these downtown areas.

Schwarzenegger opposes eminent domain ballot initiative

The Associated Press Article Launched: 04/25/2008 05:16:19 PM PDT
SACRAMENTO-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he opposes Proposition 98, one of two eminent domain initiatives on the June 3 ballot.

The Republican governor says in a statement released Friday that the measure undermines California's ability to build dams, water delivery systems and other public works projects.

Proposition 98 would forbid California redevelopment agencies and other government entities from using eminent domain to take homes, businesses and farms for private development. Government is required to pay fair market value when it seizes property.

The measure also includes a contentious provision that would phase out rent control at apartments and mobile home parks. That provision has raised fear among the elderly and others who live in mobile home parks, often on fixed incomes.

Adam Mendelsohn, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger's campaign committee, says the governor has not taken a position on the other eminent domain initiative, Proposition 99. That measure is sponsored by the League of California Cities and supported by a coalition of farmers and environmentalists.

It forbids government from taking homes for private development.

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Sue Margiotta
Power Brokers International - Palm Desert, CA

In this small area, there are 63 residential income and commercial properties listed on the market as of this morning..

Tuesday there is a chamber event "Desert Hot Springs Now" targeting developers and builders to come to Desert Hot Springs.

I am looking forward to revitalization of this city more than any other city in the desert area. Residents of Desert Hot Springs are down to earth, beautiful people concerned about the environment and enjoy their rural lifestyle. I am all for the clean up of this city, just hope they don't ruin the city with cookie-cutter roof tops.

Hopefully, they will take advantage of the natural springs hot water underground and develop this city as a wellness community. Desert Hot Springs receives an award every year for the best tasting water in the nation. Some areas have natural hot water up to 120º, which is prime for geothermal energy development.

Any comments appreciated!


This article on the downtown area, corner of Palm Ave, so why are all the shops and offices in the surrounding area listed for sale?

Desert Hot Springs seeks $31M for image boost

Plans for Desert Hot Springs

Plans for Desert Hot Springs (Artist rendering)

How will Desert Hot Springs use $31M?

$16 MILLION: Purchase property along Pierson Boulevard to attract developers. City officials hope to attract a signature project similar to The River in Rancho Mirage.

$10 MILLION: Major street improvements through the city, which will include installing curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

$2 MILLION: Beautify downtown corridors Palm Drive and Pierson Boulevard with sidewalk furniture, street lighting and landscape additions.

$2 MILLION: Downtown building improvements, which will include new storefronts on existing businesses downtown.

$1 MILLION: Discretionary funds reserved for relocation costs or other unanticipated expenses as projects are processed.What: Desert Hot Springs City Council meets, acting as the city's Redevelopment Agency and Finance Authority Board, to discuss selling $31 million in bonds.


Apr 27, 2008 03:16 AM
Lane Bailey
Century 21 Results Realty - Suwanee, GA
Realtor & Car Guy
Eminent Domain is a sticky issue.  I think that it is a tool that NEEDS to be available to local governments, but it is very abused by those same entities.  There needs to be limits placed on the local governments to not play the game the wrong way. 
Apr 27, 2008 03:20 AM
Sue Margiotta
Power Brokers International - Palm Desert, CA

I appreciate your comments on this, I hope residents do use your website as a reference.

Nice blog, btw! 

To be honest, some of these buildings should be torn down, actually most of them!

As for historical sites in this city, there aren't very many, surprising since it is one of the oldest cities in the desert area. The Lautner hotel was purchased recently along with some other interesting architectural homes. I doubt anything in the downtown area has historical value whatsoever.

Thank you...


Apr 27, 2008 03:39 AM
Peter Wolf
Coldwell Banker - Valley Village, CA
The idea of eminent domain is that it would be used by government sparingly and to the interest of the greater good.  I do not believe that private developers should be able to by themselves or through the city snatch people's property to make themselves richer.  Eminent domain was not meant to be a land grab. 
Apr 27, 2008 06:51 AM