South Gate Home Prices

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South Gate Home Prices 


Are you looking to buy or sell a home in South Gate?  You are probably wandering what the prices are currently?

Click here to see what is currently on the market.  As of this writing the asking prices for South Gate homes have risen quite a bit compared to one year ago.  If you bought a house in 2004 or 2005 and were waiting for a time to sell to break even or make a profit take a look at the current prices.  You maybe surprised if you haven't looked in a while.  

If you want to buy a house in South Gate, now is still a good time.  Prices are on the rise and mortgage rates are still low.  

Reasons why people want to live in South Gate.  I could some it up in one word "location".   

  1. Proximity to Siesta Key Beach. The white sands of Siesta Key Beach as well as the Siesta Key village are certainly major reasons for why people move and visit Sarasota.  The beach is about a 10 minute drive from the South Gate subdivision.  
  2. Close to downtown Sarasota.  Downtown Sarasota has a lot to offer with restaurants, movie theater, and night life.  Of course a lot of people also work downtown and it's convenient to live close to work.  
  3. Close to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.  A lot of people work in the hospital.  Some of those people may be on call.  In any case if you work in the hospital, South Gate is a very convenient place to live.
  4. Near Tamiami Trail.  A lot of Sarasota's major shopping centers and retail stores are on Tamiami Trail, including Westfield Southgate Mall.  
  5. South Gate is basically in the heart of Sarasota, FL.  It doesn't take any more than 15 minutes in normal traffic to get anywhere.
  6. The majority of the houses were built in the 1950s and 1960s and the retro style appeals to many people.
  7. Affordability.  For the locaction South Gate is affordable.  Houses directly on the West side of Tamiami Trail are at least a $100,000 more.  
  8. Southside Elementary School. This is a very popular school and parts of South Gate are in this school district.
  9. Investment.  It's a good spot to own property for the long term.  The value of the land underneath the houses will continue to rise over the long term.  There isn't any vacant buildable lots anywhere near South Gate.  The location will only grow more valuable has builders are forced to build further and further away from Sarasota.  Builders are building houses East of I-75, Palmetto, and North Port.  
  10. Lot size. The lots are all decent sized and this is a contrast to some of the new subdivisions being built that have very small lots.

 View South Gate houses for sale here.

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