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Sell My Home in Livonia Michigan

Real Estate Agent with National Realty Centers Livonia--Bob Jakowinicz

Sell My Home in Livonia Michigan

What to expect when you put your home up for sale in Livonia Michigan in 2016.  It is currently a Livonia Michigan City Signstrong sellers market in Livonia Michigan.  There is very strong demand, low housing inventory along with a surging economy and we have home sellers in a very good situation.  This does not indicate there are not still a few issues along the way (appraisal, inspection, lending, certifications, etc) with appraisals coming in low seemingly leading the way.  

If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell real estate in Livonia Michigan or the immediate surrounding area's please feel free to visit www.BobandTeena.com or www.NoviRealEstateOnline.com anytime.

Price it in the right ballpark!  When you price your home for sale in this market and the Livonia home seller is in the right price range it is very common to get very strong bidding wars on the Livonia home sellers home.  We are seeing multiple offer situations about 50% of the time over the past 2 years.  This is very good news for Livonia home sellers as they can choose the best price and terms for them. (this will help in the appraisal process or at bare minimum let the Livonia Michigan home seller know what may happen during that process)

Do the cosmetics needed to go on the market!  Dollar for dollar spent cosmetics can go a long way in getting the potential home buyers excited.  If you have wood floors and they need refinishing, studies are showing this may be one of the highest returns you can get on your money.  One or two little things may not matter much but usually this is not the case, there may be many little things which can give the wrong impression to the Livonia home buyers that the home was not cared for/taken care of.


Best Livonia Michigan Real Estate AgentCall and interview as many real estate agents as you feel you need to!  It may be one or more, that will be an important decision on how your transaction may go.  I have found that if your Livonia Real Estate Agent specializes in the area, you feel good about your agent and think they are capable then you should be just fine with your decision.  Always Google your real estate agents name, add your city and state in front of the words real estate and check them out a bit online.  Let's face it most home buying and selling research is being done online.