Two days blurring together

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     The last time that I came here to enter my thoughts was a slow day where I was left to my own thoughts a little too long, yesterday and today were the exact oppisite.  If seems like today was the more productive day this week.  Lets see, here is the recap.  Today I finialized three deals (2 OTCs and 1 Purchase) where the total volume was over 3 million.  It appears that the changes in the market not affecting FHHLC like the rest of the market are going to be good for business, at least I hope so.

     I don't know if I will be able to post my blog tomorrow or not, I already have about 6 hours worth of presentations and sales meetings (including a marketing meeting with a few of my KW realtors).  I hope that everything goes well and I can end my week around 9 PM tomorrow, but most likely many of you will find me out and about on Sat and Sun in the HB area.  That all depends on if Joanna is locked in her studio again or if she chooses to come out and play.

      Well, its time to go, I have to wrap-up the loan submissions for today and clear a few conditions from yesterday.  With luck I should be looking at funding around 6 to 8 million in volume this month.  Wish me luck.




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