Have you had any thoughts of selling your mountain property?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Colorado Real Estate Company, LLC

Have you had any thoughts of selling your mountain property?  Now may be the perfect time….  


The days are getting longer and the snow is starting to melt.  One by one the Summit County Ski Resorts will be shutting down.  Then what?  

Should you keep your mountain property or is now the best time to sell?   



The mountain resorts have seen increased numbers and traffic as winter recreations such as skiing and snowboarding increase in popularity.  More and more people come to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado every year to experience the fantastic scenery, and amazing conditions with plenty of snow and lots of sunshine.   


Holding onto your mountain property is an excellent option for anyone who does not need to sell.  Whether you’re using your mountain property for personal or family and friend use or renting, there is value to be had by simply owning your own mountain retreat.   Now, with options such as AirBNB and VRBO owning and managing your mountain property has never been easier.


We are seeing market prices and highs that we haven’t seen in the last ten years.  

Buyer demand is high in the area while inventory and availability remains critically low.  This is helping to not only gradually increase the current market value of the properties in the area, but it is putting sellers in the driver’s seat!  


If you are considering a sale of your mountain property, now may be a great time!  Whether you’re ready to list now, after ski season comes to a close through our mud season, or if you choose to wait until June / July for the summer season, 2016 could be a great year to move up or move out of the Summit County market!  


If you’re contemplating a sale, there are a few things you can do to get your property into great shape for showings and a sale!   


Spring Cleaning / Staging -- You could do this all in one sweep or hire a helping hand to help get your property into tip top shape for photos, video, and showings.

A deep clean is a must!-- especially if you have done short term rentals throughout the winter season or seasons past.   You want your property to shine!  A spring clean is a great way to freshen up the property; dust the blinds and clean the windows to bring extra light and brilliance into your home!  

Having an opportunity to declutter and stage your home or condo is also a great way to go through any personal belongings that may be in the property.  If you are seriously considering a sale, we always recommend that owners remove personal items, keepsakes, furniture or decor that holds any sentimental or personal value.   As far as the inventory goes, out of sight out of mind is a great way to approach exclusions… If you don’t want to part with it, remove it from the property before any photos, showings, or inventory is done!  

Staging is a great way to help prospecting buyers envision themselves in your home.  Staging presents the buyer with just enough items to help them think critically about the space and size of home they are working with while providing them with less clutter and personal items or photographs that may deter buyers or potentially present minor conflict with the way they experience your property.  


Touch Ups / Odd Jobs --  After your deep clean, you’ll have a good idea or the overall cosmetic condition of your home.  

Little things like bathroom caulking and touch up paint in hallways and living spaces can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetics of the property!   

Even simple stuff like replacing light bulbs or damaged electrical outlet covers can really enhance the presentation of your home and help to avoid minor items being listing on your Inspection Report.  

Cleaning out drains or your garbage disposal along with filters or fans in your bathrooms or laundry rooms are also a great projects to get everything in better showing condition that will also help the cause once your property goes under contract and an inspection is scheduled.  

By going through your property and doing an inventory of what may need to be done or what might be flagged on an Inspection, you can prepare ahead of time to get some of any needed work done!  Touch base with your local handy-man or contractor for bigger jobs or items and need special attention or expertise such as leaky pipes, flooring issues or carpet that may need to be cleaned or stretched, fogged windows, or any items involving you HVAC systems or appliances.   


Talk to Local Brokers -- Start interviewing brokers!  

Learn about the current market for your property type and find out who will be the best broker to sell your property.  Who understands the market and current trends?  Who is going to be able to find your buyer?  Who is going to get you the most money at the closing table in the shortest amount of time?  

There are a lot of variables in our second home market here in Summit County, Colorado; variables that you as the seller should know about!  Find a broker that can help you feel informed and confident about the sale of your property.  

The Summit County market has been heating up!  If you’re considering a sale this year, keep these ideas in mind to help you transition from Active to Pending to Sold!