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I wanted to share with you another great idea that can help you stand out from the crowd and take some of the guess work out of picking the right gift after closing for your clients. 

Your gift giving solution;  Choose the

It's three simple steps to use;

  1. Set up everything up first and fund it.
  2. Send your clients the link after closing escrow.
  3. Let them pick out the perfect gift for themselves.

Here's the great thing for you; you can find out what gift they choose, which will give you a reason to contact them again, especially if they pick something out that you would have never guessed.

Here's a great example based upon an actual experience from a Loan Officer in our company;

After he closed a loan on a second home in a different state, with  previous clients, they also got an RV so they could travel the country. He sent them to Choose the  and they ended up picking out something he would have never guessed; Walkie Talkies. He was completely surprised and called them to ask why Walkie Talkies? 

She told him that when they travel to RV Parks she ends up yelling at her husband up in the cab while attempting to guide him into the space. Yet half the time he never hears her, causing frustration between them. She then told him, once they began using the walkie talkies, it saved their marriage. 

I thought this idea of Choose the Gift was a great idea, and it makes our lives just a little bit easier too.

I believe little ideas like these can add great value to your business and this is what  I want to do for you : Continually add value to your business and give You and Your clients Wow Service!

Please look up my Business Facebook page DPDOESLOANS and send me an invite, as I will be providing valuable and informative information there too. You can also view our branch facebook page and see what we've been doing APMortgage - Branch

If you any clients  that would like to receive service like this from a great lender, let me know and  I will be happy to contact them on your behalf. Also please feel free to visit my website; APMortgage Specialty Home Loan Programs and see what we have to offer YOU. We've got some great programs.


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