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You have to be competitive in the real estate business, I think.  At least those that are the most successful play it like a game.  I've "played" it for better than 30 years with some modest success.  And those that work in my market probably know who I am for nothing else but longevity.  So a question I get from agents that REALLY irritates me is "Are your buyers qualified?"


Weigh in, my old time professionals.  Am I too sensitive?  My first reaction is to ask them if the seller is qualified to sell.  Of course my buyers are qualified to purchase the property.  I practice real estate like a doctor practices medicine.  I can assure you that my clients can buy the property otherwise I'm wasting my time, not to mention the time of my clients. 

In my view, even if you think that the inquiring agent is new and inexperienced, to ask the question is an insult.  Give your buyer some exposure.  I understand that in certain markets, you have to prequalify as a seller's agent.  It's prudent and totally cool.  However, I think about 90% of my colleages are not in those markets.  I know if I were in the top real estate market for gross commission, I could boast over a billion in sales.

Point is, please don't think your property is all that.  That's irrational pride and maybe I'll have enough of the same to just not show your listing.


Just my 2cents today.  Depending on the response here, I'm going to be offering B.S. (Broker Senor) blog diatribes about the real estate business at


Wishing you all the BEST!


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Thank you for an easy read and informative post Craig Siphers  - we are now "following" you!


Apr 13, 2016 01:44 AM