Credit Repair Secret Revealed!

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Credit Repair Secret Revealed!

So what’s the "Credit Repair Secret"? Drum roll please…. ready....

There is no secret! That’s the secret!!!

Now that we have that out of the way, first let’s understand the need for credit repair and why it might be a good option for you.

First things first, the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA allows consumers the right to challenge any and ALL items on their credit report.

Why is this?  Well considering the track record of these privately held and corporate owned multi-billion dollar companies it’s no wonder the FCRA was enacted back in 1970.  Problem is the credit reporting agencies still do a horrible job of validating data prior to reporting or updating reports correctly.  Evidence of this is easy to find. Consider the fact that the states themselves are now filing lawsuits against the “Big 3” (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion).

Check out this article:  Mississippi lawsuit on credit reports tees off on Experian

OK, so now we have established there is a flaw in the credit reporting system and the law allows consumers the right to challenge any information that’s reporting on their credit reports, why do I need a credit repair company to help me?

Dispute centers that are set up by the credit reporting agencies are NOT profit centers for these giants. As a matter of fact, it cost them money to operate these “overseas” call centers.  With that being said the credit reporting agencies DON’T make it easy for the consumers, even if they know their rights under the law.  I believe the credit reporting agencies make it difficult for the consumers so they will get discouraged and go away! That’s where we can help!

Is there a credit repair secret after all?

Our credit repair secret is simply this, we keep you in the “in the game” long enough to get results. We are that “regimented” process that’s NOT going to get discouraged and just go away!  Besides keeping the client “in the game” we understand the best practices for helping the consumer “take full advantage” of the law put in place to protect them, the FCRA.  We LEVERAGE their rights to maximize their results!

Aside from the credit repair process the key is really helping consumers change their discipline when it comes to credit and their finances.  That’s where the education and credit coaching that we provide can help.  Most people think, If I just pay my bills on time my credit will be good.  Unfortunately, that’s not true!

To many it may seem like common sense stuff, but again it’s not. Surveys have shown most people rate themselves very low when it comes to knowing how credit works or financial literacy in general. So if there was a credit repair secret, it would be EDUCATION!  But first we have to help some people get a fresh start and an opportunity to get it right!

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