How do you drive your taxi?

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My best year in real estate was followed by my worst. My mother became very ill and my thoughts and actions were on her. Surprisingly, that was my best year in Real Estate! After the crisis was over, my worst year followed. I was confused. I lost my best clients and I could not figure out why. I hired a mentor.

I got excited, but still couldn't put my finger on what changed. That is, until my mentor relayed a story.

Let's say you need a cab. One comes. The driver is competent. You get from point A to point B at a reasonable time and a reasonable price. You pay your driver and thank him. Perhaps you even think "That was nice."

Now say another cab comes. The driver introduces himself. Points out sights while driving you just as competently as driver one. Perhaps you share a laugh or two. When you get out, he gives you his card and says he is available for you, just give him a call! 

Now you need a cab again. You can't call driver 1 because you have already forgotten him and couldn't call if you wanted to. You think of the funny driver who went the extra bit and you enjoyed being with.  Plus, you have his card! That is the driver you call. You may also tell your friends "Before you go to NY, you must take the number of this great driver I have. He can pick you up and take you where you need to go. You will love him!

This is like real estate. Leading up to my best year, I was driver 2. Then I lost my passion and was drifting through my transactions. I was still competent. I just wasn't enjoyable to be around. Buyers would start working with me and drift off. I didn't even notice.

I called all my past clients. I followed each call with a personal note. Each birthday and house anniversary was added to my database, and acknowledged! My passion and excitement returned. Clients were reappearing! Referrals began again! My business recovered.

Real Estate is a business. Clients need to be, and feel, valued.  I was fortunate enough to have a mentor who reached me. Now that I am aware, I will be the driver you call anytime you, or anyone you know, needs a ride!

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