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Got an e-mail the other day from a Realtor asking what is the right amount of time to keep bothering people after they made an initial call off of a sign or listing. Instead of dealing with that question I spent time talking to the Realtor about the bigger problem, she perceived following up as being an annoying pest! WOW! She needs a new paradigm or the big bucks that can be made as a Realtor will always allude her.


The bottom line is that you, as a Realtor, perform an important function in the home buying process. And although papers and the web may make you feel like you are not needed the truth is, homes that sell with Realtors sell for higher then those that sell by owner. And people who use a Realtor to buy a home are 30% more likely to say they had an enjoyable home buying experience. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! But the truth is, unless you follow up, 80% of your sales will go elsewhere! You can have the best product in the world but if no one knows about it or you don’t clearly articulate it or show it then they won’t know any better to use you. And since most Realtors vying for that client fail to follow up even once, a simple follow up system can often double or triple your volume!


But the mindset MUST change. With the above attitude towards follow up, you are not only less likely to follow up, but when you do your attitude will not be right. People can sense your attitude over the phone-they know your smiling though they can not see you and they know when you don’t believe in what you are doing. If you truly feel you are an annoying pest they will perceive you as an annoying pest. If you feel you are really able to help this person and following up with them is a necessary part of that service you provide then you will come across as a helpful professional and your sales will increase immediately. So next time you get ready to follow up with that client that is blowing you off remember, you really CAN help them and they just need to hear it from you one more time-you can do it!

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