Bathroom Space Saving Ideas Greenville, SC

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Bathroom Space Saving Ideas Greenville, SC

Is there such a thing as a big enough bathroom? It surely seems as though there’s never enough counter space or storage or shelving or … well, bathrooms can often seem overly full. Luckily, we’ve found a few tips for maximizing the space you have — and even creating some new space!

  1. Choose oval. Oval mirrors will draw the eye upward, bringing that unused space into focus and making the room seem bigger. Really, any mirror will help open up a room. An oval sink is also a great choice: Not only are they trendy for 2016, they also leave you more counter space.
  2. Ditch the pedestal sink. Go with a unit that has storage as part of the package. An inexpensive standard unit can get some style by adding open shelves on either side.
  3. Use a storage ladder. They’re versatile, they come in many sizes, and you can move them around easily when you want to redecorate.
  4. Try a sliding door. Hanging a door on a track on the wall outside the bathroom means you don’t have to leave space for a door to open. You’ll have more wall space you can use.
  5. Use the space above the toilet. You can mount shelves or ledges on the wall, or choose an étagère, but keeping the storage open [and tidy] will help keep the room feeling open and airier, which translates to feeling bigger.
  6. Try a little reconstruction. If you have the time and the budget [or know-how], a clever idea is to build drawers right into the wall, between wall studs.
  7. Add to cupboard doors. The inside of a cupboard door can be a good place to mount storage units. Keep the hairdryer and flat iron under the sink; mount hooks for a bathrobe and towels inside the door next to the tub.
  8. Don’t forget the bathroom door. Use an over-the-door organizer to store hair and makeup products, washcloths, and items like cotton swabs and cotton balls.

Of course, these are only a few ways to make the most of the space you have to work with. But with a little ingenuity and a lot of determination, even the tiniest water closet can hold nearly everything you need.

What else would add to this list?

Bathroom Space Saving Ideas Greenville, SC

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There just can never be tooo much storage in a bathroom...and attractively done !

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